Next Gen Respawn
Season 2, Episode 31
Upload Date August 21, 2012
Written by Lindsey Reckis
Directed by Jason Schnell
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"Becka Begins"
"Becka's Origins" is the thirty-first episode of the second season of Online Gamer. It was uploaded to YouTube on August 21, 2012.


Aaron finds old photos of Becka prior to her time as a foul-mouthed gamer with photos of her friend Ashley and ex-boyfriend Stephen. Becky was a kind-hearted, loving, aspiring singer and caring girlfriend to Stephen. At a coffee shop (also bumping into the law school student Aaron) she plans out a beach trip with Stephen but learns he can't make it due to play video games with his friends. Outside of his house the next day, she plans to surprise him with a song and dance she wrote, only to find Ashley performing oral sex on Stephen inside to her horror.