Series Information
Portrayed by: Rachel Miner
First seen: "Game Night"
Last seen: "Origin"
First mentioned: "Game Night"
Episode count: 2
Personal Information
Name: Beth
Gender: Female
Age: 24-27
Status: Alive
Profession: Unknown

Beth is a character from the Reckless Tortuga web-series "The Online Gamer". Beth is the ex-girlfriend of Aaron, who at one time, was a loving and caring boyfriend until Beth gave him an Xbox 360 and a copy of Modern Warfare as a birthday and going-away gift causing Aaron to become addicted to the game and develop an aggressive, foul-mouthed and lazy personality when she returned home from her trip two weeks later. Despite this, she stays with him until finally deciding she has had enough of his attitude when he causes two of her friends to leave during a Monopoly game and decides to leave Aaron for good.


  • Aaron - Beth's ex-boyfriend, the two shared a loving, sweet and caring relationship with one another as Aaron was a promising law student. Beth's decision to buy Aaron an Xbox 360 and Modern Warfare proved to be a terrible mistake as Aaron's personality drastically changed when she returned from a trip. Beth's caring nature is likely why she decided to stay with Aaron until finally having enough of his antics during a game night.

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