Brandy Carter
Brandy Carter
Series Information
Portrayed by: Lindsey Reckis
First seen: Psycho Girlfriend S1E1
Last seen: Psycho Girlfriend S5E7
Episode count: 35
Personal Information
Name: Brandy Elizabeth Carter
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Status: Alive
Profession: Unknown

Brandy Elizabeth Carter was Seth's girlfriend, and Baby's mother.

Meeting SethEdit

Brandy attended a party with her friend Laura, and was spotted by a drunk Seth, who was attracted by Brandy's eyes. Although Seth's friend believed Brandy had a pair of crazy eyes, and warned Seth about the girl, Seth decided to approach her. Successfully in meeting each other, Brandy and Seth sat on the couch, and starting to chat. During the conversation, Seth asked if Brandy wanted to visit his home, but Brandy warned him not to fall in love with her. After agreeing, Seth led Brandy to his house, and the two slept together. In the next morning, Brandy left a message included her phone number for Seth, before she left.

Later, Brandy starting to date with Seth, but their relationship remained unclear, until one day Seth asked Brandy to be his girlfriend, and she moved in with Seth immediately. However, things didn't go well when Brandy had an argument with Seth, and she went to a bar where she met Dave, one of Seth's friend. After getting drunk, Brandy cheated on Seth and slept with Dave, but she later asked Dave to keep it as a secret between them.

Relationship crisisEdit

After cheating on Seth, Brandy was pretending nothing had happened, and continued to live with him. One night, Brandy asked if Seth had cheated on her, but even Seth denied immediately, she still believed he was lying, and speculated that he slept with her friend Claire or Meagan. Therefore, Seth made it very clear that he would never cheated on her, but Brandy stated honestly that she had cheated on him, which surprised Seth.

Learning Brandy had cheated on him, Seth decided to break up with her, and as a result she moved out from his house. Later, Seth starting to date with Brandy's friend Meagan.