Series Information
Portrayed by: Roze Cuccia
First seen: "Wedding - Part 2"
Last seen: "Wedding - Part 3"
First mentioned: "Wedding - Part 2"
Last mentioned: "Second Chance - Part 2"
Episode count: 2
Personal Information
Name: Coochie
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Profession: Stripper

Coochie the Clown is a character from the Reckless Tortuga web-series "The Online Gamer" portrayed by Rose Cuccia. Coochie is a clown stripper hired by Aaron for Nick Winters' bachelor party when he realizes how boring it is. Mia, Aaron's sister and Nick's fiancee, catches Coochie dancing on Nick and becomes angered at him and Aaron. This also ends up leading to Becka temporarily breaking up with Aaron and dating Paul, Nick's best friend from dental school.