Next Gen is a location prominently featured in the Reckless Tortuga web-series The Online Gamer. It is a video game store and rival to Game Bros. Aaron begins working there in the episode "Black Ops - Part 1" and later quits in "Rage Quit" when he becomes frustrated over Damian's new rules as the manager but has since been reinstated as an employee (and later manager) when Becka buys the store in "Save Next Gen". Others employees include Ted, Katie and Nick.




  • Rick (Left after store was bought by Becka)
  • Damian (Left after going pro for Magic: The Gathering)
  • Katie (Left after cheating on Aaron with Damian in "Final Round")
  • Nick (Presumably fired or quit after Becka became owner)
  • Aaron


  • Of the employees at Next Gen, Ted is the only one to remain an employee from his introduction in the series.