Prank War
Season 2, Episode 44
Upload Date May 30, 2013
Written by Lindsey Reckis
Directed by Jason Schnell & Lindsey Reckis
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"A Magic Reunion"
"New Girl"
"Prank War" is the forty-fourth episode of the second season of The Online Gamer. It was uploaded to YouTube on May 30, 2013.


At Next Gen, Aaron eats a pie that was sent to him by his mother but Ted discovers a note along with a bloody tampon inside, revealing it to be a prank from Becka. Aaron and Becka begin to prank each other back in a war by doing things such as: Aaron giving Becka diarrhea from eye drops in her coffee machine and putting Saran wrap on the toilet while Becka places hilarious and insulting ads about Aaron all over the door and windows of Next Gen. Aaron takes the prank war too far by getting Becka fired from her job by framing her for stealing plates and cups from her work. Becka responds by deleting all of Aaron's COD data from his Xbox, including his leaderboard ranking. Angered, Aaron tells her off and the two insult each other before Becka dumps him.