Series Information
Portrayed by: Luke Baybak
First seen: "Revenge - Part 4"
Personal Information
Name: Sam
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Profession: Pizza Delivery Guy

Sam is a character from the Reckless Tortuga web-series "The Online Gamer" portrayed by Luke Baybak. Sam is a slacker pizza delivery boy and one of the longest-lasting clan buddies of Aaron. In the series, Sam is the only real best friend Aaron has as although Aaron insults him on occasion, he has stood by him and first appears with his clan buddies and Becka to rescue Aaron from the World of Warcraft guild led by Damian after they trick and kidnap him as payback for Aaron's refusal to sell the Orc a World of Warcraft gaming card.


  • Aaron - Sam is the best friend (and only friend) of Aaron and one of his longest-lasting clan buddies.
  • Jessica - Jessica is Sam's girlfriend who Sam shows complete fear of due to her bitchy personality as she hates all of the time Sam spends playing COD with his clan buddies. Mike temporarily manages to make her leave Sam alone by throwing a "bitch intervention" and scaring her with a rant that turns out to be a speech from the TV show he was on but after she Googles him and learns he was an actor, this plan fails.  
  • Clan Buddies - Sam shares a close relationship with his clan buddies, particularly Aaron. Though he respects Josh for being a skill COD player, Aaron and Sam typically insult him over his passive and geeky personality.


  • In his first appearance, he is credited as John.