Setup Fail
Season 4, Episode 5
Upload Date March 18, 2016
Written by Eric Pumphrey & Jason Schnell
Directed by Jason Schnell
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"Black Ops 3 - Part 4"
"Setup Fail" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Online Gamer. It was uploaded to YouTube on March 18, 2016. 


Aaron attempts to set up his capture station and record his first game-play video of Black Ops 3, failing to notice that the HDMI input isn't connected and realizes his game-play wasn't recorded once he finishes. In frustration, he breaks the capture card with a baseball bat and buys another one, posing as Becka so that he can get help setting up the card. After managing to get his webcam to stay in place with duct tape, he begins to play but is interrupted by his cLAN buddy Josh wanting to play League of Legends. Trying again, he is interrupted this time by Becka who he angrily throws out. Aaron finally manages to upload his video to YouTube and refreshes it several times to count the views. He notices a negative comment from a user named TheGamingTerroriser who insults him and is blocked from his channel after Aaron replies back. Noticing he has 10 subscribers, he happily calls Becka and announces that he is famous.



  • TheGamingTerroriser, the YouTuber who trolls Aaron's game-play video, is an actual YouTube gamer.