Series Information
First seen: "Game Night"
Last seen: "Final Round"
First mentioned: "Game Night"
Episode count: 2
Personal Information
Name: Stacy
Gender: Female
Age: 20s
Status: Alive
Profession: Unknown

Stacy is a character from the Reckless Tortuga web-series The Online Gamer, appearing in the first episode "Game Night". She is the girlfriend of Ted, who were the friends of Aaron's girlfriend Beth.

Stacy and Ted attend a game of Monopoly with Beth and Aaron, however get repeatedly insulted by foul mouthed Aaron, who had been talked into playing the game even though he was playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Having enough of his insults, Stacy and Ted decide to leave, much to the satisfaction of Aaron, who returns to playing Modern Warfare. However this causes Beth to end up leaving him.

Stacy and Ted briefly appear at the end of the episode "Final Round" after Ted stumbles across a Youtube video of Aaron doing gameplay, and recognise him as Beth's ex-boyfriend.